To the 2016

Well its 2016 and now only i'm updating my 2015 holiday stuff.
Well what to do?

My birthday falls on 26th Dec and who would be this free during that holiday week?
Okay lot's of excuses but I'm really thankful for all of my friends and family who actually
make time to celebrate my birthday with me last year.

I never felt like that for years and it's nice to keep myself busy and meeting
different kind of peoples every weekend and for like the entire December i was busy
until yesterday i still get to celebrate my super belated birthday :p

Yes lucky kid I know. Well let see what i can share on my blog today..
Some long overdue photos will do the talk.

The very first batch of people who celebrate my birthday are mostly my best friends
and my brother. I get to eat Alaskan King Crab and it was so sharp it poked my fingers :|

And blew the very first birthday cake at Black Market and tons of cupcakes which is not shown here.
Thanks Shenz <3 for being so thoughtful and my beloved brother and Hermes on this dinner.

Then following by another surprise birthday cake at work!
Thanks to my colleagues! So thoughtful, they actually remember i love pudding :'(

Then showing off a bit of my birthday present which is this dandelion ring. *tsk tsk*
Thanks Ah Siew! I super love this. Even thou I'm afraid that i might broke the glass someday :|

Then on 25th Dec, i meet like all this people which i never get to see them everyday.
They are like the busy people on the list-of-people i can only meet after a few months of queuing.
Thanks for the pressie ahhh :D
Oh ya gonna promote a bit, he is single and available.
Let me know if you wanna get to know him. Ladies.. just don't be shy okay? :p

Then second round follow up by another list-of-people i can only meet after a few months of queuing.

We were here at Hacha Mecha @ Trec KL for some wagyu beef don and wine.

It's always nice seeing her. I love hanging out with girls who love to eat as much as me.
Yes and we always check out all the yummy food and tried out together.
Thanks love. See you soon.

Phew, okay and on 26th Dec..

Finally i'm here at Two Sons Bistro @ Publika.
My friends have been raving how good the clams are and i'm here with my favorite peoples
on my bird dayyyyyyyyyyyyy. I still don't understand why do i call it a bird day.

I even got a new hair color just for my birthday week :|
This hair color is done by Ivan from Number 76 @ Bangsar Branch
I like how the highlights stand out when i braided it.

I really really ate lot's of yummy food during December.
I don't really need any gifts and all i want was to spend time with all of this wonderful people
and just buy me food will do :p

Then ahhhhhhhh i just want to rewind how much i love the wagyu beef that night at Marble 8.
Probably one of the very best wagyu beef i ever tasted and thanks for this well planned dinner.
Thanks for you know who you are.

Now for some shameless shout out time.
Thanks AD for this lovely illustration of me and Poppy!
Love it cuz there is my Poppy <333 Gonna hang it on my wall soon. After i re-paint my bedroom
for CNY. Okay anyone started to do some spring cleaning yet? Not for me hahaha.

Then more and more gifts from all the lovely peoplesssssssssss!
I might miss out some people names but don't mind me.
My heart and my brains remember all of you.

I also wanted to shout out about my hair sponsor Number 76 salon.
Because of them i get to look beautiful all the time. From dark colors and to light colors.

My favorite one totally be this Ash Grey + Blue Undertone hair color.

Now my current hair color are in orangy color.
So in 2015 i'm really happy to be a part of this and they are really good to me.
I feel so grateful and lucky to get to collaborate with them.

Thus you ladies and man, do always check out their Instagram and their
official Websites for any promotion updates!
Recently, they just expand a new branch at Singapore.

Congratulations Number 76!

So and i guess i'm done with my long brag about my birthday stories.
That's it and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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