Tsubohachi Izakaya-Hokkaido @ Publika Solaris Dutamas

How long has it been?
I use to blog about food all the time until i stopped for a while. ( and I gained lot's of weight )
But my love for foods never stop cuz i'm constantly eating and who doesn't?
Okay tons of crap but hey guess what?

Went here with Rex yesterday and we found this authentic Japanese restaurant online
and we were so eager to tried out. The food was good and does not disappoint my taste buds.
The name of this place is Tsubohachi Izakaya-Hokkaido and it's located above Ante at Publika.

Ordered this handmade gyoza & this hot sizzling pan kind of burned my fingers as i didn't notice it.
I'm clumsy AF. I know.

This six skewers was the weirdest thing we ever tried.
I actually ate chicken organs without realizing what we ordered.
Sorry lah, was too hungry. Saw the yummy looking image and wasn't even bother to know.
Then regretted it afterwards. Our favorites would be the crispy chicken skin :| 
and the other one which i forgot.

Next was this King Crab Rice. Yup and it was just......okay? 
It takes around 20 minutes to cook.

And cuz we're a big eater.. so more sushi for us!

Then some sakae to celebrate 7 years of knowing each another!
I realize weré probably the only table who make the most noises and non stop ordering.

Never too full for desserts!

Overall the dining experience was good and i totally recommend people to come here.
Since it's served by Japanese people and there are lots of Japanese customer and you may need to
make a call for reservation to come on weekend :)

So that's it and cheers for 7 years of friendship :p
Lot's of fun with you like always.

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