Bye Bye Blue Hair @ Number 76 Saloon

Number 76 Bangsar

Okay, so you guys know i am pretty obsessed with my blue hair since CNY and i actually
touch up the blue color cuz i was so so so obsessed.

My blue hair stays for somehow 4 months? Then i decided to cover it with dark color.
If you follow me on Instagram @cookiellu i actually dyed my hair a lot for the past few months
so i decided to rest my scalp as my dearly mom actually complained a lot.

Places that you can see cherry blossom in Seoul

So in Seoul, Korea starting on early April where people flock over to see the cherry blossom.
So where can you look for them when you're in Seoul?

Here's a few places that you may want to consider where it's not crowded.

1. Children Grand Park
This park is full of secrets. It's normal from the outside but when you walk in to it..
Every steps would slowly take your breathe away..

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