Bye Bye Blue Hair @ Number 76 Saloon

Number 76 Bangsar

Okay, so you guys know i am pretty obsessed with my blue hair since CNY and i actually
touch up the blue color cuz i was so so so obsessed.

My blue hair stays for somehow 4 months? Then i decided to cover it with dark color.
If you follow me on Instagram @cookiellu i actually dyed my hair a lot for the past few months
so i decided to rest my scalp as my dearly mom actually complained a lot.

So i step in to Number 76 Bangsar and was served by Yoshi the other day.
I should say Yoshi-san always work his magic on all his customers hair.

Here's a comparison of my hair before i have another makeover.lol.
I actually miss my blue hair color a lot but 'em split ends is making me crazy.

Some well spend time at the saloon. As usual, got my green tea ( habis minum ) and the sweet biscotti.

Tadaa and after 3 hours well spend. I got a new dark brown color with some hints of 
ash green and gray color. You might not see it clearly in the photo but i love the color!

Thanks to Number 76 again for the great works! <3
Make sure you check out their saloon on their website

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