Be You, Be Yourself.

Can you ever believe that this post was written right after i finish watching Legally Blonde movie
for the very first time? This movie was so popular back then when i was in my high school.
I adore how fashionable she could be, how interesting she was popping in and out on every magazine.
But guess what? I finally watched the movie and it was so good that I learned so much from this.

First : Blonde doesn't mean you are stupid.

Second: Love make us all dumb but at least we tried to be away from that.

Third: Nothing is impossible. Have faith in yourself.

Fourth: Never fall for a guy just wanted you for your body. Instead, fall for your mind and your soul.

I'm not pointing out all of these just because it sounds like a basic thing where people actually know
and i don't. But it was something where i kind of had it spinning on my head and realize..

Hey...that's pretty cool and it's our life and we don't go around waiting for someone else opinion.
So, you see..I was pretty devastated for a while and wasn't even feel like blogging
but there's this group of important people in my life that always been there for me.
Support me, never to give up on what I am doing and always adore what I had been doing.
Thanks girls and guys. You know who you are.

If any of you never saw me in real person, I'm pretty chubby myself.
I'm none of your Insta-goddess must-follow kind of girl, I'm not too bright myself,
I'm really plain. But except that i'm pretty funny myself. ( which I am proud to brag about it )
I don't have flat abs ever since puberty kicks in and hey fat tummy 11 anniversary aye?

I always have low self-esteem. I couldn't make my own decision.
Like even the smallest thing like, should i take the bus or the train and I always regret on 
whatever decision I have make.

I care so much about people opinion until... I lose myself.
I always wanted what people have, comparing myself to others.

But I learned that comparison is the thief of joy.
I'm sure all of you have this few friends who always come around bragging how hot they are.
How you should be like them. But no, i don't slam on healthy fit people.
But...I'm kind of over it.

My best girl friend always encourage me to work out and to be healthy and
it's okay to have nasi lemak and pizzaaaa. As long as you're healthy and you work out.
She never give up helping to build my confidence. Telling me perfect body can be just a
perfect angle on the social media and everyone had different kind of body to be beautiful.

I'm happy to have myself surround with a few of this kind and beautiful girls who always encourage me and bringing me all the good vibes. I don't know how I am gonna be without them.

My dad always tell me this.. as long as you're beautiful on the inside, you're beautiful in every way.

So you see, some people just are born with skinny body or small bones and if they have abs,
lines and muscle shits doesn't mean I can't have the same and so does you.

I always get said that you're not beautiful. You don't have good body figure, that's why nobody go after you. You gotta dress as little as you can, so guys fall over you.

But DON'T. Just NEVER EVER do that.

Never listen to all of that advise.
You don't want to be in love with someone who just fall for your looks and your body.
I experience a few bad love relationship where guys just fall for my looks and not for who i am.
Changing who i was to who they wanted to date and this is getting wrong.
So it take time to realize the people you date are wrong and learn from that experience.

I want someone to love me for who I am.
For my annoying attitude just because I love you that is why I annoyed you.
For my unfunny jokes just because I think it's funny and I just want to make you smile.
For telling me I am beautiful even when I am not.
For bringing me out the confidence in me when I am not.
For accepting all my cooking and clean all the dishes for me just because I plan the best meal!
For understanding my arrogant behavior, my boyish attitude, my bossy attitude.
For loving my style and make me a better person than who I am.
For being there with me when I need you the most. 
For lending me that shoulder to cry no matter if it's broad or not.
For protecting me away from the cockroaches and the ghost from horror movie.
For being happy for my career and giving me moral supports and advice.
For becoming a body guard and my partner when i'm at social party so i feel secure and not alone.
But of course to be there with me on any occasion so we can build our own memories :)

Lastly, just to love me for who I am.

Gosh...am i writing a boyfriend perfect love match now? *tsk*
I'm glad i finally expressing my feelings and I am so happy I should go to bed now :)


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