Living with dreams - 2017

See how time flies and I have just turned 24 from 3 weeks ago.
( soon to be quarter-life crisis ) D:

I would say 2016 had been tough, messy, and lot's of things happened.
Also because i'm happy just because I manage to travel to a few countries that i
have never  been there before. I make sure 2016 is a year i'm gonna travel a little
bit more, but of course I didn't manage to save a penny during the entire year.

It was a really really bad example. Do not follow my step.

( Don't think anyone would ) Here's a short recap bout my 2016:

So I'm happy i finally been to Seoul, Korea on April 2016.
Get to experience that super duper dry and cold Spring time at night and it's
just 6 Celsius. About that you might be laughing at me if i'll ever go to winter countries.
I might just become an ice potong by then. Seoul was fun, seing cherry blossom all
along the places was pretty cool. Plus, i'm a Korean food lover so.. this is the best!
Still remember i manage to split out some broken korean language in one of this
local old grandma restaurant where there's nobody understand English at all and i manage
to make my orders and she understand it. Phew.. *great experience*

Went to Vietnam on June 2016, a place that is never on my list but was there because i find out
Hoi An was historical and full with culture. *Alert* - Wasn't here for coffee. I'm not a coffee person.

Hoi An, was packed with Japanese and the Chinese tourist.
It may not seems very popular by the Malaysian so far.  The whole trip was pretty chill as
me and my friend had this trip as a time to relax. I don't usually have my holiday trips planned
with tight itinerary as it seems like a scavenger hunt for culture  with those endless list.
Things that i remember the most in this trip is that...one should always be patience and you
need to learn how to ride a bicycle to save some money for transportation.

I'm back to Bangkok, Thailand after 3 years!! ( October 2016 )
The very first trip i went was a disaster. Tell me about it, what is worst?
Travel with a wrong partner or getting lost in the city?
The first one.

Now forget it, what pass is already a past. So this time, i went with my family.

Fun fact: I'm the planner of the trip ( as usual ) well and i get to go to places
i wanted to go and of course to suit the taste of my family too. Oh and we went to Hua Hin too.
But no much things to do in Hua Hin except that i realise they had a SHIBA INU CAFE and
i'm like what the fuckingfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck ok fine.

So back in Bangkok, things change a lot and everything is so modernized and oh was there
went the King passed away. It's a very new experience to see how loyal the people mourn
and the love they gaved to the King was indescribable. 

This is crazy. Me and my girls went all the way to Indonesia just for the DWP Jakarta 2016.
( November 2016 ) Yes rave. The journey was crazy. The traffic was real.
You can just stuck there for hours. Lucky us, it was just 20 minutes and we
decided to walk back to our hotel just because we are impatience like that.
Well, it save us more time then waiting in the jam.

Crazy midnight walks all the way from the stadium back to our hotel cuz there were lot's
of creepy mens ( i wouldn't even describe them as a human if i have to ) following us all
the sidewalk. Grinning, mumbling, smilling and talking to us in some Malay words.

Which i totally understand cuz SAYA FAHAM BAHASA MELAYU BONGOK.
There's also this crazy man in the car putting down his car window and drive slowly following 
us for approximately 5-10minutes? I wish i have the super power to burn down his car.

Okay overall, we're all safe. I wish i have a resting bitch face. I just look too kind to get bullied.
Anyway, DWP was great. I love the whole management which i have to describe that they have
great sponsorship and neat organizer, tight security which Malaysia couldn't compare to them.

Best part, had one huge slice of pizza and tasted Peach beer for the very first time.
Thankiu Indonesia, your peach beer is so good. Lemme know the brand please.

Okay this post ain't short at all.

To 2017:
1. Making sure i'll stop being a cry baby and be more a joyful person.
2. Solo trip? Yes please.
3. Save money to make up for last year.
4. Lose my belly fats. Okaybye.

Thanks for reading my long ass post. Goodnight to you and you.
Happy New Year!

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