Pulau Perhentian Trippin

Holla! I can't believe how much I have neglected this blog after like half years?
Been telling people I use to blog and now..I told people that
I've stopped blogging for a while.
Okay you know what?

Let's do this! I'll update more over here so watch this space will ya? :)

So I got bunch of photo's to update on this post.
It was a previous trip with my high school best friends.
Can't believe we finally trippin after 10 years?! Seriously, cheers to that.
Back to my story. So we had this awesome 4 days 3 nights trip at Pulau Perhentian.
P. Perhentian is located at Terengganu. There are two island under P.Perhentian.
Which is the small island and the big island. The small island happen to be more
happening and more on night life because it's a bit further away from the fisherman island.

We choosed to stay on big island oh well just because all the resort are fully booked during
the time we're there. Nope, not a peak month to travel but idk why it's just crowded.
Talking bout big island which known as Perhentian Besar isn't that bad thou.
It's more family oriented, well basically it's peaceful and yes we do enjoy our stay at there.

Check out this view.
Thus,we had this trip named as #CandyDaddyTrip

Basically it's all started with this hot looking dad appear in front of us. DILF ( tmi )
My friend had been crazy bout him yet here you go the understanding of this hashtag.
We didn't get any sponsor or whatsoever 😑😑😑

Btw this is gonna be a photo log. All taken using Iphone 6.
( macam yes tapi bukan )

Finally we're mermaids!!

Sky blush are my kind of favorite ♥♥♥

Summary of my trip:

1. Lost my sunglasses. Sigh.
2. Flight delayed for 3 hours. Thanks AirAsia.
3. Sunburned and I don't look tan. I probably look like a burned asian.
4. Food is meh over p.perhentian. Maybe of the overpriced local foods.
5. Snorkeling trips are cheap and affordable on the island! 
6. Didn't get to meet Mr shark but manage to see a paddle-pop coloured fishy.
7. Bring your own sunblocked if you're not looking forward to pay extra on the island.
8. Aloe vera gel is so important!!

Additional details: We stayed over at Coral Bay Resort.
It was okay, if you're looking for a better stay i suggest the P.Perhentian Resort.
Just because the beach it's less rocky and clearer on the other side.

Till then,

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