Go on a date

Go on a date they say..

Why are you so picky?
Why aren't you dating anyone?
Why aren't you giving him a chance?
Why are you here?
Why are you there?

Why am I not even get to be just who I am right now?

Maybe yes.
Sometime I'm looking forward to someone new.
Sometime I'm not.

I'm not ready.
To commit.
To love.
To give.
To get..broken again.

It's not easy to find someone decent who loves the thing you love.
Go on food adventure as I do.
Someone who is a little adventurous.
Someone who have a little sense of humor
which of course I'm still the best at this.
Someone who understands.
Someone who have you on his mind.

Maybe someone like that is not here yet.
I'm not gonna wait or find you.

I hope we will meet either when I'm messy or when I'm at my best.
You will be there to love all of my broken pieces.
To accept for who I am and be an inspiration to me.

Till then,
I'm here. Still here.
Maybe a little wait will make sense for now.

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