One Day in Tokyo ( Itinerary + Photo Diary )

So during my trip to Tokyo last August, it was so quick and nostalgic,
I decided to blog a short itinerary of what you can do for one day in Tokyo.

So I was actually there for Summer Sonic Tokyo 2017 and I only manage to
spend four days in Tokyo. But, due to my tight schedule I only have one whole
day to explore Tokyo all by myself. 

To be honest, it's really exciting as it's my first time taking a 7 hour long flight
alone. Yes alone. Plus, one whole day wandering Tokyo all by myself.
I'm a proud solo traveler for once now. I mean it tho :p
( A little obsessed with G-Eazy these days )

So here what I have done and here's my suggested one day itinerary /
my one day trip photo diary if you have tight schedule like me too!

9 AM - Waking up for breakfast in the Hotel.
I stayed at Apa Hatchobori-eki minami during my stay.
The breakfast here is awesome. I'm talking about salmon fish for
breakfast everyday and the taste of munching a real sausage .__.
Like for real it doesn't taste like our normal process food tho.

10.30 AM - Visit Asakusa Shrine
It's located at Asakusa station. It's a very famous shrine in Japan.
Get here earlier before the crowd. I mean from observing my photo
you may feel what I meant. On your way you may see lot's of stuff
like cake, ice cream, weird vintage stuff that I don't bother much and souvenirs.

12 PM - Harajuku / Takeshita Street
Next! Head on to Harajuku Station. Visit the Takeshita Street.
Wish I have take a picture of the place. It was so crowded.
I decided to just go away :X

In here, make sure you get yourself a fresh yummy crepe on the way!
It's so freshhhhhhh my whole body almost melt.
Plus, photo with the local Japanese girls is a plus. *wink*
If you have extra time to spare do visit Meiji Shrine.
I didn't get to visit as I was planning to visit other places in a rush.

2 PM - Ginza
It's Ginza next! It's easy to reach here by taking the Ginza line.

A place full of modern architecture and luxuries. Wasn't plan to come here at first but I wanted
to check out Yayoi Kusama pumpkins installation at Ginza Six.

In Ginza i discovered a top floor hidden super duper cool book store :X
Oh I end up spending my time that I should at Ginza.

It's call Ginza Tsutaya Books. Everyone should really check this out.
I can spend whole day hiding here all by myself.

4.30 PM - Shibuya
That's how time flies! I only left 2 hour and a half to waste.
As I need to rush back to my hotel and get my luggage and head to the airport.
So yes Shibuya! I was so excited when I'm here!

First thing first look for Hachiko statue!!! T____T your poor soul.
Then I realize I haven eaten anything for lunch so here we go Ichiran Ramen!
Somewhere hidden in some Shibuya alley. Thanks to some stranger local
who help me out to find the ramen store. I had a funny experience with using
the order machine. I felt so dumb but oh well what an experience. Not gonna
make fun of myself for writing it out over here :p

After a great late lunch / early dinner I manage to check out Loft and Shibuya 109.
I was so panicked I forgot to look for ABC mart. ( sneaker shop )
Like damn it. But sokay, it was a tight visit and gotta catch the flight.

So yup here you go my one day in Tokyo update!
If you have extra time to spare you might wanna visit Shinjuku!

Okay next round, I'll update about my MTV Big Pass story I guess.
Or probably my recent Hong Kong trip. Will see :p


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