Its The Ship 2017 - Recap

I felt like I've travelled a lot last year and i've so little time to blog about it.
So here's the very first throwback post from last year thoooooo.
The very last time I ever party ITS was 2015 and guess what I'm back this year!

Back when we first met this Singaporean couple and we keep in contact ever since then.
What a fun reunion by 2017! Lot's of water activities, foods, and booze of cuz. 

The line up got pretty good as I was looking forward to Joji ( but nah, too bad he isnt here )
But luckily Higher Brother come to take the show. What a close up with my fave artist!
My favourite song from them would be Wechat & Made in China!

We also joined the Shanghai night dinner. It's like an annual dinner thing
where the shipmates had this dinner gathering together.
It used to be a classy themed kinda dinner and this year ( 2017 ) was
this Shanghai night. But we dress up formally anyway. No cheongsam is found lol.

I don't know what else i can show you but here's some 
random snippet from my trip. So much random ones.

This is after 3 hours of queueing we finally on board.

Some random vids lol. Partying again.

That's it from my 2017 Its The Ship!
Gonna enjoy the cruise life and not to forget to thanks MTV Asia for this great journey!!


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