What should you eat in Hong Kong?

To be honest, I'm not sure if i could show you a list of what's my favourite food
in Hong Kong then what else should you be reading right here??
I had this long list of what i wanted to blog but it kinda took a while didn't i?

So here you go:

1) Zha Liang 炸兩 ( or pronounce as Zha Liong in Canto )
So if u ever visit Hong Kong and u missed out on this.. 
I don't know what else i should tell you to eat. But skip it if you are allergic to peanut.

So basically Zha liong is a Chinese dim sum. If you ever try chee cheong fun, it's the same
rice noodle roll used and wrap with yao char kuey 油炸鬼.
So there are so many ways of eating zha liong. But in HK you had it served with a little bit
of soy sauce and then pour genourmous portion of peanut butter sauce on top of it and there you go!
Oh and order a bowl of boat congee 艇仔粥 together~

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