Bare Essentials // ALTHEA KOREA

Hi Ladies, 

If you're looking for an all natural skin care product line then well,
I got your back on this. Here's a new 3-Step Skincare Line product i wanna
share with you guys today! I've been trying this product on my own for a week now
and I can tell you i'm impressed! 

So the product brand name is Bare Essentials which is produced by Althea KR.
From selling top-notch all Korean product brands to their own product brand.
Pretty cool huh? For now, you will get to check out their very own 
Cleanser, Toner and Moisturiser Cream.

Which each of them are define in a very quirky name.
So here how's the beauty regime you can begin with:

Step 1 is the Contour Cleanser, a rich and foaming cleanser that removes impurities while improving blood circulation for that V-shaped look. It contains micro capsules to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and leaves the skin feeling cool and refreshed too!
Step 2 is the Primer Water. Smooth, hydrating and ever so slightly balm-like, this bottle of wonder penetrates into the layers of the skin to plump them up, prepping the skin and making it a smooth canvas for products to enter.
 Step 3 is the Fixer Cream. Powerful, moisturising properties are packed into this little jar that provides the skin with hydration for up to 24 hours for a fresh, revitalized complexion.

So, to get to know or to purchase this product please check it out on Althea website!
Click here

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