Dedicated to Him

This post is dedicated specially for him my boyfriend where i have never
really mention about him in my blog much.
( B, lucky for you if you actually knew this post. Heh. )
Reason why i didn't because i want it to be different from my previous relationship.
I want a low profile and strong kind of relationship.
He.. actually gave me that. ( What a hesitation dots over here *chuckles*)

He actually teaches me to treasure every moment together between us, 
He wants me to keep everything only to us and not to the world which
I have learned and really love how we are now.

But he actually grumpy up bout his photo we're somehow hiding in my blog.
( What a picky kid )

But guess what i'm not doing this because of that reason today.
Today i just wanna say how happy and bless i am to have met you.
From so much ups and downs i'm glad we are still together for almost 8 months. ( Soon )

I'm thankful that you can take my bad temper really well.
Of course he had his limits and i'm willing to change to make this work for us.

I'm glad he let me be whoever I want.
That crazy loud girl, that annoying girl which he is also the same annoying kid who
does his best! Even though he say, every girl in Hong Kong is like me i get pretty irritated tho.
( Sek si gao! )

I thought i was special but meh. If you dare to under appreciate me, others will :p

Still, thanks Smelly B.
Your fart is the worst but I will still love you even at your worst. Hehe.

Thanks for being with me.
Let's grow together.

Love, AJ.

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