My First Tattoo


I got my very First Tattoo! ( yesterday )
It was on my fore arm. It took me few years to really decide
on this tattoo. So i did a lot of sketches, some imagination on what I want
and where i wanna have it tattoo on and yadaa yadaa two years has past.

To be honest,
Deciding on a tattoo is not easy.

First: Be Firm on your decision.

Decide onwhat you want it to be on your body.
It's gonna be forever, no undo can be done. So.. BE FIRM.

Second: Be mentally ready.
If you're afraid of needles, then don't do until you prep
yourself that you are really really ready. You don't wanna passed out on your appointment.
( Yes some girl did that ). You know it gonna hurts, ( actually I could only feel a slight sting.)
so yea be ready for that.

Third: Be original.
Have a discussion with your Tattoo Artist on what you want and what you
want the design to present yourself. Have a meaning at least for your first tattoo.
Don't choose design that looks good on others and you want the same.
Have some originality. At least.

Fourth: Beware.
Know yourself if you're allergic or have any disease before decided on tattoo.
Such as, diabetes, AIDS, HIV, and etc.

So after a long winded talk, back to me.
I did mine with Annie / aka Con Ele. I've been looking for a clean sleek tattoo design line
for my first tattoo. It's hard to find one as there are alot of traditional style out there.
As in more on thicker darker lines. So i have been looking for a more refined type.
So glad I discover her and her style and also from my friend which she had did with her.
I was feeling a little panic for a while because I could only receive my design a day before
my appointment. I did my booking with Con Ele two months before.

I communicate with her what I want and what i wanna represent myself in this design.
On the day before the appointment, i received her design and i was in awe.
It was good. So there here have my first tattoo. Done in less than 2 hours.
I like her perfection and her professionalism. The pain was durable. Just a little sting.
It was better than I have imagined.

She's probably one of the good KL Tattoo Artist I would go back to.
If you're interested you can contact her at https://www.instagram.com/conlll/

Have fun! :)

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