Batu Cave, Malaysia

Recently, i went for a short visit to Batu Cave temple.
It's a Hindu temple in Malaysia.
So why am I here is because they had recently repaint their 272 steps
into a colourful rainbow place! Some call it the Batu Caves temple 2.0.
Oh and obviously for the gram right?

I was there on weekdays and it was raining when I was here. So i took my time
to dine some vegetarian food there. To be honest? The food there is not good.
I suggest you have some meal before coming here.

As expected, the numbers of tourist are humongous. Luckily the rain came and brought in some peace. There are also some ridiculous aunties where i see them stood on the higher steps and started shouting and laughing among them self -___- ridiculous x 1000!

Let's move on.

Did you know that you should wear decently when you pay a visit to the temples?
Any temple I would say. One shall wear modestly! To enter the Batu Cave Temple, you should
wear outfit that is not revealing, and cover your knees. Wear comfortable shoes to walk the steps too!

Next, beware of the monkeys. There are so many of them and they would observe what's in your hand and what's hanging on your bag. Just. Stay. Alert.

The cave is so nicely preserved that most of the ceremony and prayers are done on the inside.
Make sure you read signs where you have to remove your shoes before you enter.

If you're a local who is reading this you would know what to do and how to go.

For those who don't here are the location details:
It's at Gombak.
Ways to go? Take KTM ( train to Batu Caves station and walk there )
It will take you 5 mins to reach.
There is no entering fees for the temple.

Or call a cab to wherever you from and to here!

Have fun visiting!


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