I wanna do a little more for myself.
A little more courage to go further.


I hope she hears this.

Sometime i wish my grandmother would still be alive.
So I could call her from far away to tell her everything about how i feel.
Maybe just a little bit more so i could spend more heart to heart talk with her.

Maybe because she's the only person i could talk to..


Moongazers @ Art Science Museum

Was here for the Floating Utopia exhibition at Art Science Museum.


Too busy Self-Loving ♥

Lately, i've been too busy self loving.
Like after the whole first half of the year my life has changed so much. 
From traumatic drama and from all the ups and down in my life i figured out 
there's no one else in this world can fix you but yourself.

Work life can be pretty hectic but always make time for yourself.
Because you deserve all the love you gave to yourself.

I use to be such a pessimist. ( In a very low key way I hope )
Then i realise it's bad when you did it to your partner. 
Maybe talking out loud with your besties might work. 
Or maybe SO just couldn't handle it then okay bye boy.

I believe that thinking of all the worst before the good one it's a good reason to train myself
to expect the worst first. I know it's kind of negative but trust me, I'm really like that lol.

So talking about self love, I was talking to one of my bff that he wants me
to look for him a date. So maybe we could do a mission to find each other one.

Then i realise, I'm so occupied with myself now that I don't even bother to see anyone.

Nowadays, I make plans for people who sparks joy lol. I'm treasuring every friendship
thati have made so far from this year. From seeing people who leave and people who
came in to my life that sparkle up my life.. Thank you ♥

Also i'm preoccupied with plans to meet my girls, different gals every week
(lol sounds wrong), also getting myself into different work out that work for myself.
Just got myself trying water spin class and it was awesome!

So i truly believe the saying that
 "Love yourself before others!" ♥



To my next boyfriend.

You gonna ask why is my name Cookie.
I have too many nicknames. It was silly, I know.
You even gave me a one.

You’re the most charming, patience and kind person I ever know.
Pardon me if I stare at you a little too much..
I could fall for that smile every time I sees you.

I’m a funny silly person that would make you smile every second.

Making you happy is my favourite thing to do.
If i show you my fun side, you're lucky.

I don’t drink coffee and I’m a sucker for strawberry fresh cream cakes.
I love my gentlemen drink and Korean foods.
I do designs for living and I’m a fan of Neon lights.
I like to take photograph and sometime I’ll ask you to snap photos of me too.

I might be impatience but I’m gonna teach you all about the angles. 

Let's make lot's of memories together.

I can be quite a kid, I’m needy and I need a lot of attention.
But, in a healthy balance way.
I’m a hopeless romantic person and I also overthinks a lot.
I'm an introvert extrovert person. I'm happy to be staying home and also a comfortable
with big social group. I hope you love every sides of me.

I may seems cold in some words that I’ve said to you but it’s just a Capricorn thing.
I’m stubborn but I’ll listen to your advice even if I do the other way round.

I’m clumsy too but I have a big heart. I forgive and forget very easily.
I hope this relationship will bring you a secure and fun one.
Because I date seriously and if we have any problem I wish we could talk about it.

Sometime I might lose myself and don’t even know what I want but as long
I’m stuck in between your arms, I feel safe and blessed.
I'm happy on my own and I wish you would be that person who adds up the happiness in my life.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Just a reply series inspired after watching Miles Carter video.


Life Update

April life update be like..

I’ve moved to Singapore πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬ now!!
Will be here for work and will be missing KL food for now.

I’m still trying to figure out the culture and the people here but so far it’s kinda peaceful and safe tbh. I’m trying to find myself joining spin classes over here but not really sure what’s good for me and not. Recently I also went for some hill walking stuff and came back with sunburned and attacked by monkey cuz I had banana in my bag. Ok it was dumb. Now I’m scared of monkey.

Also I’m up for a new hair colour. Not sure what should I go for.
I’m thinking about some cute pinkish red ( but would fade real fast )
Or some milk tea brown but fades fast too or some basic dark brown :( idk.

So yea that’s it for now. Idk what else to update. Brb.
I need a vacay. 



P/s: Love yourself

Recently i'm picking myself up after a period of breakdown and disappointment.
I realize how much i have neglect and un-love myself.

Therefore, I've been doing this self love and self care routine to get myself back on track.
I've learn that to be happy is to love yourself more. 
I'm still learning about that every single day.


DWPX - Bali

It's time for some happy update.
Here's a glimpse of my time in Bali for DWPX.

Was there for TheWeeknd and it was so worth it!
I'm thankful for my #FlowerPowerSquad & our other friends again to make this happen!

Okay here we go!...........

Uluwatu Temple / Bali

They say Uluwatu is like a heaven where you view the ultimate sea
and the well preserve temple. It does feels good to be here.

It's funny how this place looks like Ruins in PUBG game.
Did anyone get what i mean?
Well, even if you don't but just make sure you
wear enough cover up before you are here.
At least wear modesty. It's a temple anyway:)


That Quiet Blog

Beginning 2019 with a new draft.
I'm trying to update something.. maybe life? Books that i've read?
Places I've went? Or maybe how i feel and how's life going on?

Let's begin that I'm gonna be jobless soon.
I've been such a failure. I don't get the job that I wanted.
It's either i'm not good enough or i'm just suck at it. With no lucks.
I went round and round like an idiot. But.. I did not give up.

Trust me. I'm still trying.
To be honest.. I don't wish to get back into agency.
The life i've been through this past agency has been really mad.
I don't even know how the skies looks like. 
I don't even get to taste the food from home, spending times with my family and friends?
Let's not get into that because I don't even have a pinch of freedom.
Working on weekends is not what i want.
It's like working for free without even getting any payment nor replacement leave.
It's even worst for designers who get sucky words like: Hey you will get exposure.

So did i get any? I don't.
Why didn't i just ignore about it and not coming to work?
Oh really guys? I did. I even get slam and received so much shit from my superior.
I guess it's a one woman thing when you try to stand up for others and speak out for your right.

Fight for what's right and what is wrong. I did that.
What is done is done. Been through red eyes, evil scheme and all the things they put me through.


So i am trying to pull myself together. Trying to work on something.
But nothing inspire me. So far... nothing.
Sometime i feel so useless while trying to make things work meanwhile I do was
binge watching Netflix and constantly working out, trying classes on Classpass and making
my days busy by meeting friends till 12am the other day.

Then.. I just feel so demotivated.
Can someone just be a darling and give me some hopes and lights?

Thank you.

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