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Beginning 2019 with a new draft.
I'm trying to update something.. maybe life? Books that i've read?
Places I've went? Or maybe how i feel and how's life going on?

Let's begin that I'm gonna be jobless soon.
I've been such a failure. I don't get the job that I wanted.
It's either i'm not good enough or i'm just suck at it. With no lucks.
I went round and round like an idiot. But.. I did not give up.

Trust me. I'm still trying.
To be honest.. I don't wish to get back into agency.
The life i've been through this past agency has been really mad.
I don't even know how the skies looks like. 
I don't even get to taste the food from home, spending times with my family and friends?
Let's not get into that because I don't even have a pinch of freedom.
Working on weekends is not what i want.
It's like working for free without even getting any payment nor replacement leave.
It's even worst for designers who get sucky words like: Hey you will get exposure.

So did i get any? I don't.
Why didn't i just ignore about it and not coming to work?
Oh really guys? I did. I even get slam and received so much shit from my superior.
I guess it's a one woman thing when you try to stand up for others and speak out for your right.

Fight for what's right and what is wrong. I did that.
What is done is done. Been through red eyes, evil scheme and all the things they put me through.


So i am trying to pull myself together. Trying to work on something.
But nothing inspire me. So far... nothing.
Sometime i feel so useless while trying to make things work meanwhile I do was
binge watching Netflix and constantly working out, trying classes on Classpass and making
my days busy by meeting friends till 12am the other day.

Then.. I just feel so demotivated.
Can someone just be a darling and give me some hopes and lights?

Thank you.

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