10 Reason Why I Love You

Today one of my best friend asked me, what's the reason that keep you hold on?
Could you name the number of reason that you like about him?

I pause a while and I smiled..
I'm thinking.. I haven really thought about because I love everything about him :')

I could have really do something better about my future but instead i'm doing this stupid sappy
writing here on my blog right now..
To be honest.. I really love him and I couldn't let go.. At least not as fast as him.

But still i am pretty stubborn so I am hitting myself again over here.

Reason 1:
I am drunk in love with him. I am stupid and useless. What a crap.

Reason 2:
I have faith in him. Always and still every single day.

Reason 3:
He never taught me about our separation..
When it happens.. I still couldn't accept the fact.

Reason 4:
I love how he would ask about me, my day, my feelings and everything.
He is literally my forever best friend.. :'(

Reason 5:
He would do whatever it takes to get to see me.. even if it's a bus accident in the middle of 2am.

Reason 6:
He would hold my hand real tight. Keep me safe from the crowd of strangers.
He feel like home.

Reason 7:
His smile is the reason why i am happy.

Reason 8:
He is a kind soul and he love animals and children.
He would make funny faces all the time..

Reason 9:
He is one filial son. I see it and I feel it.

Reason 10:
He would make sure i'm safe and sound at home even if we're far away each another.
He is like a phone call away :'(

Sorry for this sad post that nobody gonna read and will never get to You.
I am still very much heart broken.. yet i'll still be that stupid gal who would accept your
call after 6 months in the middle of the night at 2 AM. Because i still couldn't sleep thinking
about you.

I still wish that you would not give up on us that easily..
I am still in shocked to know how fragile our relationship can be..
Why can't good things last?...

Sorry self for non stop crying.

Here's one for you..

Wish you could have known me better before you first start to date me :'(
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