P/s: Love yourself

Recently i'm picking myself up after a period of breakdown and disappointment.
I realize how much i have neglect and un-love myself.

Therefore, I've been doing this self love and self care routine to get myself back on track.
I've learn that to be happy is to love yourself more. 
I'm still learning about that every single day.


DWPX - Bali

It's time for some happy update.
Here's a glimpse of my time in Bali for DWPX.

Was there for TheWeeknd and it was so worth it!
I'm thankful for my #FlowerPowerSquad & our other friends again to make this happen!

Okay here we go!...........

Uluwatu Temple / Bali

They say Uluwatu is like a heaven where you view the ultimate sea
and the well preserve temple. It does feels good to be here.

It's funny how this place looks like Ruins in PUBG game.
Did anyone get what i mean?
Well, even if you don't but just make sure you
wear enough cover up before you are here.
At least wear modesty. It's a temple anyway:)

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