I hope she hears this.

Sometime i wish my grandmother would still be alive.
So I could call her from far away to tell her everything about how i feel.
Maybe just a little bit more so i could spend more heart to heart talk with her.

Maybe because she's the only person i could talk to..


Moongazers @ Art Science Museum

Was here for the Floating Utopia exhibition at Art Science Museum.


Too busy Self-Loving ♥

Lately, i've been too busy self loving.
Like after the whole first half of the year my life has changed so much. 
From traumatic drama and from all the ups and down in my life i figured out 
there's no one else in this world can fix you but yourself.

Work life can be pretty hectic but always make time for yourself.
Because you deserve all the love you gave to yourself.

I use to be such a pessimist. ( In a very low key way I hope )
Then i realise it's bad when you did it to your partner. 
Maybe talking out loud with your besties might work. 
Or maybe SO just couldn't handle it then okay bye boy.

I believe that thinking of all the worst before the good one it's a good reason to train myself
to expect the worst first. I know it's kind of negative but trust me, I'm really like that lol.

So talking about self love, I was talking to one of my bff that he wants me
to look for him a date. So maybe we could do a mission to find each other one.

Then i realise, I'm so occupied with myself now that I don't even bother to see anyone.

Nowadays, I make plans for people who sparks joy lol. I'm treasuring every friendship
thati have made so far from this year. From seeing people who leave and people who
came in to my life that sparkle up my life.. Thank you ♥

Also i'm preoccupied with plans to meet my girls, different gals every week
(lol sounds wrong), also getting myself into different work out that work for myself.
Just got myself trying water spin class and it was awesome!

So i truly believe the saying that
 "Love yourself before others!" ♥


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