Logging the zen January

I remember how funny it was to told my girlfriends that i am going to do a sober January,
yet i'm still drinking moderately. Oh yeah i did that. Claps to that.

I just came back from Penang last weekend and of course, Me. 
Dear Me, would never ever skip the speakeasy bar.

Also logging to my blog as I've just back from one of my good friend farewell party
as she's moving back to Shanghai. Also second point, only had one glass of
gin and two glass of whiskey. Can i say, i'm pretty sober and low-key? :D

Oh btw, did anyone watch Crash landing on you this K drama yet?
Please do so as i'm totally converting everyone to watch. Also Hyun Bin-shi is love T__T

I don't know why i'm updating this boring post.
Maybe tonight i feel great. I was spacing out in the dark, feel the wind blew to my face,
walking alone in the street pass midnight. To be honest, i feel happy today.
Maybe the universe is loving me right now.. and please continue to do so as I will love you back.

Thank you to the angels who appear every 4:44 to remind me you're here.




Hello new decade, hello my ded blog, lol.

I wonder who would still read this blog.
Btw, blogging this at 12:57am right now after i had my 
late spicy chicken mcnuggets ( 9pcs to be precise lol ) and just done rendering my work.

What I had become for the past few days?
Not wanting to sleep and feeling dead tired the next day.

I don't really know what to update here but let see..
Flashing back, 2019 had been tough, lot's of tears and laughter.
It had turned me into a workaholic now, maybe it's just life in Singapore.
Can you believed i've already survived here for 10months now and still counting.

Towards end of last year, I really appreciate all the new friends that i have made
and go through a lot of happiness ( also alcohol ), and all my best friends who supported
me well so i could leave my anxieties and depression away.

Also, I blew 6 cakes last year!! I know deep inside i just wanted a huge mountain of
chicken mcnuggets and poke a candle on it i'll be satisfy. But last year, it was amazing.
I finally know what it feels to have people that love and care for me sincerely.
Maybe also a gift from god to cover up the sad days i gone through on 2018 and the early 2019.

But what gone is gone now. I've learned to let go of the worst and the good one are yet to come.
So far first 2020, i've cried on 2 Jan. I don't know why. Also my Iphone was stolen last year T__T
Not until i brace myself to finally change a new phone after 6 years and it's gone in a blink in 3 months. I was stoned and angry at myself. Sigh. Hello new phone wait for me and boss, please
raise my salary. ( sounds like it rhyme right? lol )

There's so many pictures i wanna upload here actually but sigh. New/gone iphone. RIP.
I'll try to update and upload more travel stories here someday.

Till then, goodnight.
Or i might be hugging my Netflix again.

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