I’m a hopeless romantic person.

I’m a sucker for all the rom-com out there.
I’ll hide in my blanket and say aww at all the love scene
from my tiny phone. Tear up too easily wishing all these
love is real and maybe one day if I’m lucky.. I’ll get it too.

Sometime I believe in true love when I see couples still stick
together even when their hair turns white. Holding hands
walking side by side asking how’s your day goes by
even if they wake up to each another for more than 60 years.

I cry too easily over emotional scenes. Wishing that someday
I’ll met that someone who are just as happy as I am, spending
all the free days together doing nothing but just chuckles and smiles.
Maybe that will not occur to me but, I believe in love.
I believe love in others. At least that give me a tiny little hope.

Wishing that someday I’m worthy to someone and
they will fight for me no matter what. Not just solely talking,
but the actions to prove their loyalty.

Because we are worth it 😔

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