Animal personality test

Funny how WFH got me doing different kind of nonsense.
Just did this animal personality test with few of my girlfriends.

Guess what I am? I'm a Wild Elephant who loves freedom and a little egoistic / domineering. 
So true though. I totally admit that ._.

Back in my past relationships, only the one who is gentle, calm and patience can last longer
with my bad temper and my impatience personality. Oh my god, sorry ex for keeping up
with my bullshit. Which It's hard for me to meet another gentle guy, hello where are you?

Click here if you wanna do it. It's in Chinese but you can google translate like I do. lol.

Also what are you guys doing during WFH?
Malaysia is having two weeks lockdown. Missing my dog and my friends.
While I'm serving WFH in Singapore too.

I'm thinking of picking up a new hobby also try to update more on my blog.
Okay brb again with more new post.

Stay safe. Wash your hands.
Practice social distancing!!


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