Till then, nightly night.

Another midnight draft going on my head when the clock strike midnight.
Some might be sleeping soundly by now, or staying up for
something that worth their time. Something to keep their life going.
Not sure if I’m over feeling these days but my head are full of emotions
that I just wanted to write it down rather keeping it in my head.

I’ve been reading a lot about all this relationship post popping up on my IG
by ThoughtCatalog and it got me all thinking and feeling from day to night.

That make me realise, how I wish that love of my life right now and I wonder
what could change? Would I be a better person? Am I happier with his presence?
Would be up still laughing over silly things that we can’t go through during the day?
What would it feel like?

I thought of it so much that I know it myself things like
that is not happening right now.

Maybe not today, not tomorrow or maybe just not right now.
Maybe now it’s not about love? It’s about finding yourself?
Reaching for that career, the friendship that’s stays with you all this year,
the family members that you never have a good time talking to.

I don’t know what’s yours? I’m still finding mine.

But I know if one day, when he is here.. I will know it for sure and I’ll say it
right to his face: “What took you so long?”

So for now, I’m not rushing it and I’m waiting the universe to make it work and 
It all make sense why all the relationship before me doesn’t work out.
Because the right one is not here yet to love all your insecure, your past,
you scars and what breaks you down. Because it will happen.

Till then, be your best self because you want to be the person
you want to love too when you meet You.


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