Online Shopaholic

I don't know if the title of this post sort of related to you because
I'm an Online Shopaholic now.

After a period of WFH (working from home)
I realize how this make a big impact to me.
Brands are starting to do sales, every single days.
Sales here, sales there, and worst part?

Extra sales over sales. Oh. My. God. Stop it!

I don't know which one you guys out there who could
resist online shopping and haven shop crazily over alcohols, foods, or stuff.
I'm really gonna say this: You're doing good. You're not missing out.
Your bank account gonna flood with money money money. Oh yes.

But for those who is on team Online Shopaholic,
well way to go!!! More is more hahhahaha. Oh my god i'm
such a bad influence. I'm totally in my right mind and not doing
revenge shopping. So far i've been getting necessary stuff okay?

Example of my current shopping spree:
( Don't judge )

1) Taobao 
Got myself curtains and home wear pants.
I mean.. girl gotta get comfy WFH isn't it?

2) Althea
Oh please, skincare is love okay.
Gotta maintain.

3) Sephora
Let's get back to point 2.

4) JD sports
Sneaker is life and you only got a pair of legs.
Gonna flaunt that cute legs and protect it and attack!!

5) Nike
Sorry not sorry. I wear all my sneakers okay?
Also back to point 4. ( i hate you sales, deep inside tqvm lol )

6) Shopee
Oh i bought more mask for protection.
Please wear your mask child.

7) Cotton On
Comfy clothes ._. I think their active wear is good.
Plus...plus.. it was on sales over sales. 

For f sake.. did i shop this much?
Let me think.....






8) Book Depository
Bought two new books for my knowledge input.
If you need to grab some books do check out this site.
It's cheap and free shipping worldwide. Thanks me later!

9) Cakes / Foods
I love how these days there is so many platforms
where you can actually buy cakes or foods and send to your loved ones.
This is a healthy purchase tbh. I recently send a birthday cake to my family.
Also me and my friend is doing this send each other a food surprise!
Sending positive vibes to all of you.

Well guess what?
That's all though. Now i'm on waiting my parcel to arrive.
Pretty excited. Who else love parcel days?
Should i do a parcel reveal too? Hehe.

But also, control a little bit more to save up for the rainy days.
What a way to remind myself at the end of this.


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