Life in Singapore Phase 2

Hi life update Phase 2. This is literally half freedom after 3 months of staying in.
Then right now it's all about the daily mask. Made this GIF so everyone can
actually relate to me. 

Let me summarize that mask give me:
1. Pimples
2. Sweaty cheek
3. Blurry spectacle
4. Accidentally take them off cuz i can't listen well lol.
( Did i use my mouth to listen? Probably lip reading )

So anyway, i've been dining out a lot after Phase 2.

First day night out was to dinner with the bunch.
My favorite girls in Singapore. Of course always one extra dude in the gang haha.
They booked the restaurant right after the announcement was out.
That's like 4 days in advance and luckily we made it to the cut as the reservation 
is full right after that. Cray cray. ( Crazy )

We dine at Publico. Ordered 1m pizza and truffle friessssssss.
I personally think they are quite stingy to charge extra 5$ for ketchup.
Like seriously? I should bring my own sauce next time?

Also then the next day we had our own house party.
My talented girl Georgie cooked the whole feast!
From baking cakes to a full dinner meal of pasta, roasted chicken with potatoes.
We had some wine, some ruining friendship night with playing Overcooked,
some monopoly. It was hilarious!

Then also hanging out with both of my KL bestiesssss:
1. Had a cut and was happy to finally use this plaster lol.
2. My ChiCha SanChen intake :')
3. Snorlax boxer lmao

Also, first try on McD ButterChicken.
Not kidding. It was good though. I kinda like it.

Then some shopping day out with my friend, Hoarding chips.
Also did a hair color change. Not so much different tbh.

1.  Never dye my hair since February.
2. Tried this Mise en scene hair dye in Metallic Ash.
3. Fixed my fringe at Number 76 Singapore.

Luckily i did my hair cut with Amy back in March.
So overall the shape of my hair is still there. lol.

That's all for now.
Stay safe everyone.


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